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Predictably Irrational

Ariely, Dan
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1 Introduction - How An Injury Led Me To Irrationality And To The Research Described Here 20:47 17.93 mb play
2 The Truth About Relativity - Why Everything Is Relative - Even When It Shouldn't Be 33:16 28.3 mb play
3 The Fallacy Of Supply And Demand - Why The Price Of Pearls - And Everything Else - Is Up In The Air 47:05 39.96 mb play
4 The Cost Of Zero Cost - Why We Often Pay Too Much When We Pay Nothing 29:10 24.65 mb play
5 The Cost Of Social Norms - Why We Are Happy To Do Things, But Not When We Are Paid To Do Then 38:55 33.24 mb play
6 The Influence Of Arousal - Why Hot Is Much Hotter Than We Realize 28:17 24.03 mb play
7 The Problem Of Procrastination And Self-Control - Why We Cant Make Ourselves Do What We Want To Do 31:29 26.7 mb play
8 The High Price Of Ownership - Why We Overvalue What We Have 21:36 18.18 mb play
9 Keeping Doors Open - Why Options Distract Us From Our Main Objective 26:28 22.42 mb play
10 The Effect Of Expectations - Why The Mind Gets What It Expects 33:12 28.24 mb play
11 The Power Of Price - Why A 50-Cent Aspirin Can Do What A Penny Aspirin Can't 41:28 35.05 mb play
12 The Context Of Our Character, Part I - Why We Are Dishonest, And What We Can Do About It 39:31 33.21 mb play
13 The Context Of Our Character, Part Ii - Why Dealing With Cash Makes Us More Honest 25:16 21.19 mb play
14 Beer And Free Lunches - What Is Behavioral Economics, And Where Are The Free Lunches 26:22 22.29 mb play

Ariely, Dan - Predictably Irrational mp3

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