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Beatles - Day Tripper mp3

Day Tripper (9 / 10) - 174

The title of album Day Tripper is a typical play on words by Lennon. According to Lennon, day trippers are people who just go on a day trip. They might go on a ferryboat or something else. But the song has a wider meaning. it indicates on a kind of a "weekend hippie". In the same interview when Lennon told the audience about this meaning, he added also that the whole song was his, Including the guitar break and the whole bit. While giving an interview to Rolling Stone in 1970 he used Day Tripper as one example of their collaboration where one partner proposed the main idea and the other just completed it. McCartney claimed it was a collaboration based on Lennon's original idea.

Later, McCartney said that the Day Tripper album was about drugs, it was a song about someone who was ... committed only in part to the idea. In 1966, McCartney asserted that Day Tripper was "a funny song, a song with jokes in." McCartney provides in the song the lead vocal for the verses and Lennon presents the harmony, in contrast to the band's usual practice of a song's principal composer who sings lead, though Lennon sings lead in the chorus, with McCartney on harmony. If you would like to get acquainted with the Beatles Day Tripper album, you are very welcome to download the Beatles Day Tripper mp3 at our friendly site