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Help! (US Mono MAS 2386 Dr Ebbets)

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1 Help! 2:40 4.89 mb play
2 The Night Before 2:37 4.79 mb play
3 From Me To You Fantasy (Instrumental) 2:07 3.87 mb play
4 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away 2:12 4.04 mb play
5 I Need You 2:32 4.63 mb play
6 In The Tyrol (Instrumental) 2:25 4.43 mb play
7 Another Girl 2:08 3.91 mb play
8 Another Hard Day's Night (Instrumental) 2:32 4.63 mb play
9 Ticket To Ride 3:07 5.7 mb play
10 The Bitter End- You Can't Do That (Instrumental) 2:26 4.45 mb play
11 You're Going To Lose That Girl 2:21 4.29 mb play
12 The Chase (Instrumental) 2:27 4.5 mb play

Beatles - Help! (US Mono MAS 2386 Dr Ebbets) mp3

Help! (US Mono MAS 2386 Dr Ebbets) (9 / 10) - 174

"Help!", the 5th album of the legendary group The Beatles was issued on the 6th of August, 1965 under the label Parlophone. It went to the top of British charts and stayed there for 9 weeks. "Help!" was a unique album as it sounded more serious than previous works. It was obvious that musicians were composing under the influence of Bob Dylan. It is clearly seen in the «You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away» by John Lennon, who also performs expressive, strong and splitting vocal in «It’s Only Love».

Definitely, the main feature of "Help!" is the incredible, legendary and remarkable "Yesterday" written by Paul McCartney. The unique style of the "Help!" by the Beatles is also seen in spirited «Another Girl», folksy «I’ve Just Seen A Face» and dynamic «The Night Before», all written by Paul McCartney.

All in all, new sounds accompanied by a bit different, more serious ideas and the film of the same name – these are what made the "Help!" special.

It is said that every fan of The Beatles and every lover of really good music must have "Help!" by the Beatles in his or her music collection. If you still don’t have it, offers you to download Help mp3 Beatles. Buying Help mp3 Beatles you are getting the access to the wonderful world of sincere, true, superior and ageless music.