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Paperback Writer

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Beatles - Paperback Writer mp3

Paperback Writer (9 / 10) - 174

Even though the band had a hard time and endured minor misfortunes, it kept working on new albums. The musicians spouted fresh ideas connected with studio work and experiments. Changes were unavoidable. The year of 1966 summed up the results of the band’s business. In 1965, the Beatles left for their last tour around the United Kingdom. After that, they performed only once – on May 1, 1966 at the Wembley stadium – and it was the last live concert of the singers in England. It was the first time when an album of the band – it was the Beatles Paperback Writer album – did not crown a pop chart right after release. The subsequent combination of tour performance and a calm work on preparation of the material for new songs was impossible. The final tour around USA was accomplished by the concert in San-Francisco on August, 29. In the tour, the band performed no songs from the latest album. Here are the words of Ringo Starr, "This all destroyed our work of art. The people’s hubbub merely drew us to frustration and depression. I could not hear myself though there were lots of powerful boosters around me. We would stand too far from each other in concert halls. Sometimes I joined the song performance at the wrong moment because I could not understand which part of the song we were playing. It even could happen that we just pretended to be singing especially when we had tickling in our throats…" Do not lose your chance to download the Paperback Writer mp3 at!