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Ticket To Ride

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Beatles - Ticket To Ride mp3

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The Ticket to Ride songs were created primarily by John Lennon while possible contributions of Paul McCartney are still in dispute. According to Lennon, McCartney's contribution was limited only to the influence of the way Ringo played his drums parts. McCartney asserted the description was insufficient, and added that they had sat down and written the song all together. According to him, Lennon should have been given 60 percent of the whole work... ye added that they had sat down together and worked on the song for a full three-hour session of song wroting. This song was the first song of the band in which McCartney represented lead guitar. Lennon proudly claimed it was the first heavy metal song adorned with the droning bass, repeating drums, and loaded guitar lines. The song lyrics seen to describe a girl "riding" out of the narrator's life, the origin of the title still remains unclear. McCartney said it was a ticket of the British Railways to the town of Ryde on the Isle of Wight". Lennon mentioned that it described cards with a clean bill of health mark carried by Hamburg prostitutes in the 1960s. At the time when The Beatles played in Hamburg, which was early in their musical career, "ride/riding" meant having sex. The single Ticket to Ride was released in 1965 in Great Britain and then in USA. You can enjoy the Ticket to Ride album having downloaded it on our site Go for it!