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The Problem

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Rap: Hip-Hop
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1:17:12141 Kbs

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1 The Problem 0:29 0.48 mb play
2 Straight Outta Ky Ft. A.Lee, The Sluggaz And Hostile 3:43 3.67 mb play
3 I Do It For The Mob Ft. A.Lee, Hostile And King 5:04 4.97 mb play
4 Ballin' Ft. Heaven Hill And Big V Of Nappy Roots 3:57 3.53 mb play
5 They Don't Want None Ft. The Sluggaz, Big Dre And A.Lee 4:09 4.1 mb play
6 Like Spring Break Ft. Mixed Magic Of The Sluggaz, Cod Red And J-Lizz 3:42 3.93 mb play
7 Ammunition Ft. A.Lee And Hurra Season 4:21 3.64 mb play
8 Damn It Feels Good Ft. A.Lee, King And Kelly Campbell 3:54 3.47 mb play
9 Mr. Bukshot 0:26 0.31 mb play
10 Watch Ft. Kenzo, Big V Of Nappy Roots And A.Lee 4:43 4.97 mb play
11 What It Is Ft. Kasper From The K, Hostile And A.Lee 4:01 4.43 mb play
12 Somethin' Gotta Shake Ft. A.Lee And Big V Of Nappy Roots 4:17 3.71 mb play
13 Hold It Down Ft. The Sluggaz, King, Hostile, David Ray And A.Lee 4:41 4.82 mb play
14 What's Fuckin With That? Ft. Nappy Roots And Chi Candi 5:31 4.78 mb play
15 I Just Want It Ft. The Sluggaz And Sly Still-On 4:10 4.44 mb play
16 Certified Goonz Ft. A.Lee, Hostile, Big V Of Nappy Roots And King 4:04 4.03 mb play
17 What You Really Wanna Do Ft. The Sluggaz, Hurra Season And J-Lizz 2:45 2.89 mb play
18 Yeah I'm With That Ft. King And D-Fresh 3:49 3.65 mb play
19 I'm A Mobsta Ft. A.Lee, Hostile, The Sluggaz And Chris Rich 4:47 5.31 mb play
20 How We Say Kentucky 0:19 0.23 mb play
21 In The K Ft. Jeff Johnson, Hurra Season, A.Lee, G-Mack, Smurf Durrt And Big V Of Nappy Roots 4:20 3.92 mb play

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