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An Bodhran (The Irish Drum)

Colm Murphy
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Folk: Celtic
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0:37:18192 Kbs

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1 Reels: The Crooked Road, The Abbey Reel, John Kelly's 2:42 3.71 mb play
2 Reels: Lord Gordon's, Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrell 3:41 5.07 mb play
3 Jigs: Larry The Beer Drinker 2:34 3.52 mb play
4 Reels: The London Lasses, The Glass Of Beer, Dickie Dwyer's 3:05 4.24 mb play
5 Slides: The Desmond Slides 2:38 3.62 mb play
6 Jigs: Garrett Barry's Jig, The Fog In The Bog 2:57 4.06 mb play
7 Hornpipes: Dunphy's Hornpipe, Pound Hill 3:41 5.05 mb play
8 Polkas: The Lonesome Polkas 2:49 3.86 mb play
9 Jigs: The Blooming Meadows, The King Of The Pipers, Give Us A Drink Of Water 3:37 4.96 mb play
10 Hornpipes/Reels: Kitty's Wedding, Jimmy Kelly's, The Noon Lasses 3:44 5.14 mb play
11 Amhran/Song: Citi Na Gcumann 2:26 3.34 mb play
12 Reels: Sean In The Mist, The Mason's Apron 3:24 4.67 mb play

Colm Murphy - An Bodhran (The Irish Drum) mp3

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