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It's Not Funny

Cross, David
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1 Certain Leaders In Government Look Or Act Like Certain Pop Culture References! 4:54 4.85 mb play
2 Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vagina And Anus! 5:12 5.16 mb play
3 I've Taken A Popular Contemporary Pop Song And Changed The Lyrics To Comment On The Proliferation Of Starbucks In My Neighborhood! 3:19 3.3 mb play
4 A Rapid Series Of Comical Noises! 4:00 4.01 mb play
5 Although Indigent, Rural Families Have Little To Say In The Matter, Third Rate Public Education Has Kept Them Ignorant And Thus, Great Sources Of Ridicule! 2:48 3.19 mb play
6 My Child Is Enthralling, Especially When It Says Something Unexpectedly Precocious Even Though It Doesn't Understand What It Just Said! 8:41 8.7 mb play
7 My Immigrant Mom Talks Funny! 13:39 13.78 mb play
8 When It Comes To Jews, Behavior One Might Perceive As Obnoxious And Annoying I Present As quirky But Its Okay To Joke About It Because I, Myself, Am Jewish! 6:02 6.87 mb play
9 Pandering To The Locals! 7:15 7.27 mb play
10 Even Though I Am In The Closet, That Won't Prevent Me From Getting Cheap Laughs At The Expense Of Homosexuals! 2:40 2.62 mb play
11 Weathermen Have Become, For The Most Part, Obsolete! 2:56 2.85 mb play
12 When All Is Said And Done, I Am Lonely And Miserable And Barely Able To Mask My Contempt For The Audience As I Trot Out The Same Sorry Act I've Been Doing Since The Mid-Eighties! 12:52 11.44 mb play

Cross, David - It's Not Funny mp3

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