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Soft black stars

Current 93
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1 Untitled (Instrumental; Untitled (Instrumental)) 2:38 3.63 mb play
2 Untitled (Larkspur and Lazarus; Untitled (Larkspur and Lazarus)) 5:59 8.22 mb play
3 Untitled (A Gothic Love Song; Untitled (A Gothic Love Song)) 4:02 5.53 mb play
4 Untitled (The Signs In The Stars; Untitled (The Signs In The Stars)) 3:59 5.46 mb play
5 Untitled (Soft Black Stars; Untitled (Soft Black Stars)) 3:02 4.16 mb play
6 Untitled (Larkspur and Lazarus II; Untitled (Larkspur and Lazarus II)) 5:01 6.9 mb play
7 Untitled (Anti-Christ and Bar Codes; Untitled (Anti-Christ and Bar Codes)) 2:19 3.19 mb play
8 Untitled (The Signs In The Stars II; Untitled (The Signs In The Stars II)) 3:37 4.98 mb play
9 Untitled (Soft Black Stars II; Untitled (Soft Black Stars II)) 4:19 5.93 mb play
10 Untitled (Moonlight, Or Other Stars, Or Other Fields; Untitled (Moonlight, Or Other Stars, Or Other Fields)) 2:01 2.77 mb play
11 Untitled (Judas As Black Moth; Untitled (Judas As Black Moth)) 6:10 8.48 mb play
12 Untitled (Chewing On Shadows; Untitled (Chewing On Shadows)) 9:42 13.33 mb play

Current 93 - Soft black stars mp3

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