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Filthy Satanic Pork

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1 Act Of Coprophilia Commited Under The Influence Of Alcohol 2:19 5.32 mb play
2 Spill The Blood Of The Goat In The Pale Moonlight While Igniting The Fired Of Satan 2:31 5.75 mb play
3 Booze, Sweat, and Piarrhea 2:58 6.81 mb play
4 Inserting My Shit-Covered Prick Into The Snatch Of The Pecaying Slut Corpse 2:21 5.4 mb play
5 Smearing Feces Into The Face Of The Fucking Catholic Bitchshop 2:58 6.81 mb play
6 Drunken Plunger Into Fields Of Vomit 2:31 5.75 mb play

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