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Tragic hero

Funker Vogt
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0:40:48192 Kbs

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1 Tragic Hero (Haat Klaap Mix; Tragic Hero (Haat Klaap Mix)) 5:16 7.24 mb play
2 Tragic Hero (APB-RMX; Tragic Hero (APB-RMX)) 7:27 10.24 mb play
3 Tragic Hero (Blind Vision Remix; Tragic Hero (Blind Vision Remix)) 4:12 5.77 mb play
4 Spread Your Legs! 4:43 6.47 mb play
5 Tragic Hero (Covenant Remix; Tragic Hero (Covenant Remix)) 6:01 8.26 mb play
6 The International Killer (Less Vox Remix; The International Killer (Less Vox Remix)) 5:54 8.12 mb play
7 The Voices Of The Dead (Evil's Toy Remix; The Voices Of The Dead (Evil's Toy Remix)) 3:44 5.14 mb play
8 Spread Your Legs! (F... Mix; Spread Your Legs! (F... Mix)) 3:31 4.84 mb play

Funker Vogt - Tragic hero mp3

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