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Lorin Maazel Cd1

Gershwin and Porgy And Bess
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1 Act One - Scene I. Introduction- Jasbo Brown Blues 5:20 12.21 mb play
2 Summertime- Oh, Nobody Knows When The Lawd Is Goin To Call- I Been Sweating... 8:46 20.08 mb play
3 A Woman Is A Sometime Thing 2:01 4.63 mb play
4 Here Come De Honey Man- Heres The Ol Crap Shark 3:27 7.9 mb play
5 They Pass By Singin- Here Comes Big Boy- Dont You Ever Let A Woman Grieve You 8:46 20.08 mb play
6 Oh, Little Stars- Touch That Money An Meet Yo Gawd 3:57 9.05 mb play
7 Wake Up An Hit It Out- That You, Sportin Life 4:30 10.32 mb play
8 Act One - Scene Ii. Gone, Gone, Gone 3:40 8.39 mb play
9 Overflow, Overflow- Gawd Got Plenty Of Money For De Saucer 2:54 6.63 mb play
10 Um! A Saucer-Burial Setup, I See 3:37 8.26 mb play
11 My Mans Gone Now- How De Saucer Stan Now, My Sister 6:19 14.45 mb play
12 Headin For The Promis Lan 4:43 10.8 mb play

Gershwin and Porgy And Bess - Lorin Maazel Cd1 mp3

Lorin Maazel Cd1 (9 / 10) - 174
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