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Up With Donald Byrd

Grant Green
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0:46:56320 Kbs

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1 You've Been Talkin' 'bout Me, Baby [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 2:42 6.19 mb play
2 Blind Man, Blind Man [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 2:53 6.62 mb play
3 Boom, Boom [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 4:24 10.07 mb play
4 My Babe [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 2:48 6.41 mb play
5 See, See, Rider [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 4:01 9.19 mb play
6 House of the Rising Sun - reconstructed version of master take - [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 5:08 11.75 mb play
7 Bossa [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 7:59 18.29 mb play
8 The Cantaloupe Woman [from 'His Mastejy King Funk'] 4:56 11.28 mb play
9 Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 5:16 12.05 mb play
10 Cantaloupe Island - unedited version of master take - [from 'Up' with Donald Byrd] 6:49 15.61 mb play

Grant Green - Up With Donald Byrd mp3

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