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Cop Show Themes

Henry Mancini
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Check Title Duration Filesize Preview
1 Mystery Movie Theme (From The Universal Tv Series) 1:57 2.69 mb play
2 The Streets Of San Francisco (From The Quinn Martin Production) 2:48 3.85 mb play
3 Bumper's Theme (From The Lorimar Production The Blue Knight) 1:55 2.64 mb play
4 Medley (Kojak (From The Universal Tv Series) S.W.A.T. (From The Abc Tv Series)) 4:46 6.54 mb play
5 Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow) 5:04 6.96 mb play
6 The Rockford Files (From The Universal Tv Series) 2:54 3.99 mb play
7 Hawaii Five-0 (From The Cbs Tv Series) 2:16 3.12 mb play
8 Police Woman (From The Nbc Tv Series) 3:15 4.47 mb play

Henry Mancini - Cop Show Themes mp3

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