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Until Water Grasps Flames

Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida
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1:04:16255 Kbs

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1 That Which Is Prepared Is A Psychiatrist's Frenzy 2:13 4.02 mb play
2 Decision After Gentle Use 6:43 10.94 mb play
3 At The Instant Of Saying "The Fourth" 7:41 12.47 mb play
4 Signs Of Gratitude For 5 Hz 4:47 6.26 mb play
5 A Droplet That Enervates The Point Of Connection 2:58 5.53 mb play
6 Especially Since The Result Reads That Lhnz Should Have Been Completed 5:17 8.59 mb play
7 Making The Excuse That "Of Course It Is All For You" 6:15 10.06 mb play
8 A Voiceprint That Longs To Display Evidence That It Is Over 2:03 3.46 mb play
9 Those Points Of Difference With Forthrightness Which Oft Come To Mind When Recollecting 4:50 6.7 mb play
10 That Atmosphere When Discrimination Is Accepted 4:29 6.55 mb play
11 At The Instant When One Thinks To Oneself "No Way", What Percent Is Nostalgia? 12:18 23.26 mb play
12 This Vanishing Method Of Grieving 4:42 5.72 mb play

Keiji Haino and Tatsuya Yoshida - Until Water Grasps Flames mp3

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