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Yellow Tape

Rap - Various Artists
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Rap: Hip-Hop
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1:14:45166 Kbs

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1 Intro (Bubba Girl, Lil Sof, Ric-Nutt, Mitchy Slick (Prod. By Mitchy Slick)) 1:32 1.82 mb play
2 Takes A Real G (K Biz, Mak90, Ric-Nutt, Jim Ski, Mitchy Slick, Problumz (Prod. By Dae One)) 3:49 5.21 mb play
3 He'll Shoot (Mitchy Slick, King Triv, Ise-B, Meat Face, Ric-Nutt, Mak90, Gangsta E (Prod. By Cricet)) 4:43 6.17 mb play
4 My Connect (Mitchy Slick, King Trub, Sean Deez, Woodgrade (Prod. By Cricet)) 3:25 4.45 mb play
5 Sittin On Stars (Hooda John, Mitchy Slick, T Wack, Ric-Nutt, Black Mikey (Prod. By Kuddie Fresh)) 3:56 4.69 mb play
6 Frontline (Tiny Tim, Mitchy Slick, Ric-Nutt, Ise-B, Meat Face, Young Jack (Prod. By Cricet)) 4:10 5.34 mb play
7 Keep Giggin (Trustory, Black Mikey, Mitchy Slick, Ise-B, Damu, Lil Fat Bat (Prod. By Cricet)) 4:25 5.63 mb play
8 She Hella Young (Mitchy Slick, Lil Poe 1, Damu (Prod By. Hartman)) 4:03 5.22 mb play
9 What Happened To The Turf (Mitchy Slick (Prod. By Kye Kong)) 5:14 5.92 mb play
10 Lets Go Girl (Woodgrade, Ise-B, Mitchy Slick, Trustory (Prod. By Dae One)) 4:10 4.68 mb play
11 Free (Mitchy Slick, Sean Deez, Ise-B, T-Woodz (Prod. By Kye Kong)) 4:23 4.74 mb play
12 Whatsbitkerdendat (Marvara, Mitchy Slick, Ise-B, Ric-Nutt (Prod. By DJ Happee) 3:56 4.63 mb play
13 Shit Sprayed (Big Tupp, Mitchy Slick, Marvara, Lil Fat Bat (Prod. By Kuddie Fresh)) 3:46 4.37 mb play
14 Wrongkindin (Mitchy Slick, Woodgrane, Eside Izm, Problumz (Prod. By E-cay)) 2:56 3.39 mb play
15 I'm Outta Here (Ise-B, Mak90, Meat Face, Mitchy Slick (Prod. By Forgot)) 4:46 6.09 mb play
16 Bangin' Aint A Hustle (Ise-B, Mitchy Slick, Baby 78, Kay Cee (Prod. By Profit)) 5:28 7.31 mb play
17 I'll Ride For Him (Ric-Nutt, Ise-B, Mitchy Slick, Mak90, Duce B'z (Prod. By Disco)) 4:40 6.19 mb play
18 Won't Stop Being A Blood (Mitchy Slick, Young Hootie, 211, Half Ounce, Redrum, Big Wy, Messy Marv, Jay Rock (Prod. By Dru)) 5:23 6.15 mb play

Rap - Various Artists - Yellow Tape mp3

Yellow Tape (9 / 10) - 174