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Love or Die

Susumu Yokota
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1 For The Other Self Who is Far Away That I Can not Reach 4:26 6.71 mb play
2 A Slowly Fainting Memory of Love and Respect, and Hatred 5:31 8.11 mb play
3 The Loneliness of Anarchic Beauty Achieved by My Ego 3:46 4.94 mb play
4 A Heart-warming and Beautiful Flower Will Eventually Wither Away and Become Dirt 4:44 7.18 mb play
5 The Sin of Almighty God, Respected and Believed by The Masses 4:43 6.27 mb play
6 That Person's Hearsay Protects My Free Spirit 4:55 7.83 mb play
7 The Things That I Need to Do for Just One's Love 5:06 7.13 mb play
8 The Scream of a Sage Who Lost Freedom and Love Taken for Granted Before 5:02 6.49 mb play
9 A Song Produced While Floating Alone on Christmas Day 5:14 7.55 mb play
10 The Now Forgotten Gods of Rocky Mountain Residing in the Back of The North Woods 4:03 7.08 mb play
11 The Sacred Ceremony Conceived by Chance from an Evil Lie 5:02 8.64 mb play
12 The Destiny of a Little Bird Trapped Inside a Small Cage for Life 4:39 7.83 mb play

Susumu Yokota - Love or Die mp3

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