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Read By The Poet

Thomas Stearns Eliot
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1 Ash Wednesday (Read By The Poet) 50:37 46.23 mb play
2 Marina (1946) (Read By The Poet) 2:10 1.95 mb play
3 Old Possum S Book Of Practical Cats (Read By The Poet) 41:00 35.76 mb play
4 Preludes (Read By The Poet) 2:52 2.93 mb play
5 The Hollow Men (Read By The Poet) 3:53 3.56 mb play
6 The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock (Read By The Poet) 8:22 7.65 mb play
7 The Waste Land (Read By The Poet) 25:36 23.25 mb play
8 Various Poems (See Text File) (Read By The Poet) 47:15 43.15 mb play

Thomas Stearns Eliot - Read By The Poet mp3

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