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Wrath Of The Weak
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1 Chapter I: A Leap Of Faith Ends When You Crash Into The Ground 7:39 10.64 mb play
2 Chapter Ii: Using Self-Destruction In The Pursuit Of A Better Life 8:02 11.59 mb play
3 Chapter Iii: What We Learn From Spending 120 Hours In A Downpour 7:47 11.3 mb play
4 Chapter Iv: When One Side Of The Mirror Diverges From The Other 5:40 8.29 mb play
5 Chapter V: Angels With Forked Tongues And The Gifts They Bear 9:45 13.94 mb play
6 Chapter Vi: Light Streaming In Through The Cracks In The Door 7:36 10.94 mb play
7 Epilogue: The Journey Toward Non-Existence, In Slow-Motion Technicolor 21:46 10.43 mb play

Wrath Of The Weak - Alogon mp3

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