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Preludes (CD2)

Zevon, Warren
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1 I Was In The House When The House Burned Down 3:03 4.55 mb play
2 Warren speaks on songwriting and the early days of his career 7:15 10.23 mb play
3 musings on mortality, song noir and The King Of Rock N' Roll 5:09 7.25 mb play
4 a chat about producers and the stark sounds on the album "Life'll Kill Ya" 5:10 7.29 mb play
5 Back In The High Life 3:11 4.86 mb play
6 Warren's take on Winwood's classic and Warren's inspirations 3:59 5.68 mb play
7 talk of TV, movies, acting and performing 5:15 7.44 mb play

Zevon, Warren - Preludes (CD2) mp3

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