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Title Year Tracks
Arash - One Day (Feat. Helena) - Single One Day (Feat. Helena) - Single 2014 2 download One Day (Feat. Helena) - Single mp3
Arash - Superman Superman 2014 17 download Superman mp3
Arash - She Makes Me Go (Feat. Sean Paul) [Remixes] (Ep) She Makes Me Go (Feat. Sean Paul) [Remixes] (Ep) 2013 6 download She Makes Me Go (Feat. Sean Paul) [Remixes] (Ep) mp3
Arash - Broken angel Broken angel 2013 17 download Broken angel mp3
Arash - Broken Angel (Ft. Helena) Broken Angel (Ft. Helena) 2010 2 download Broken Angel (Ft. Helena) mp3
Arash - Donya (Deluxe Edition) Donya (Deluxe Edition) 2009 20 download Donya (Deluxe Edition) mp3
Arash - Always (Single) Always (Single) 2009 2 download Always (Single) mp3
Arash - Pres De Toi Pres De Toi 2009 2 download Pres De Toi mp3
Arash - Donya Donya 2008 14 download Donya mp3
Arash - Donya (Cdm) Donya (Cdm) 2008 7 download Donya (Cdm) mp3
Arash - Crossfade (The Remix Album) Crossfade (The Remix Album) 2006 17 download Crossfade (The Remix Album) mp3
Arash - Chori Chori (Cdm) Chori Chori (Cdm) 2006 5 download Chori Chori (Cdm) mp3
Arash - Crossfade Crossfade 2006 17 download Crossfade mp3
Arash - Tike Tike Kardi (Cdm) Tike Tike Kardi (Cdm) 2005 6 download Tike Tike Kardi (Cdm) mp3
Arash - Arash Arash 2005 14 download Arash mp3
Arash - Tike Tike Kardi - Mixes Tike Tike Kardi - Mixes 2005 6 download Tike Tike Kardi - Mixes mp3
Arash - Temptation (Cdm) Temptation (Cdm) 2005 5 download Temptation (Cdm) mp3
Arash - Boro Boro Boro Boro 2004 2 download Boro Boro mp3
Arash - Compilation Compilation 0 3 download Compilation mp3

Arash mp3

Arash Labaf was born on April 23 1977 and is an Iranian-Sweedish singer, dancer, entertainer and producer. He was born in Tehran, Iran and at the age of ten, his family immigrated to Sweeden where he still resides today in Malmö when he is not on tour and considers it his hometown

With a deep attachment to Iran and the Persian culture, he made the conscious choice to sing in his native album. Warner Music Sweeden released his debut album, “Arash” in June 2005. The singles “Boro Boro” (“Go Away”) and “Temptation” (Featuring Rebecca Zadig) made their way on to the hit lists around Europe and their music videos garnered significant airplay on more than 20 MTV outlets across the world. In addition to success in both Sweden and Iran, the platinum selling singer producer has hits in East and South-East European charts including Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia and Azerbaijan, with hits on Asian music charts including Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Arab Middle East.

His debut album went gold in Germany, Russia, Slovenia and Greece for his album, Arash, and the single “Boro Boro” went gold in Sweden and featured in the Hindi Bollywood film “Bluffmaster.” That earned him The Artist of The Month on MTV India.

Arash's claim to fame was the hit “Temptation” that was collaboration with Swedish singer Rebecca Zadig. Collaboration with Pakistani-Danish singer Anila Mirza created the hit “Chori Chori.” Three-way collaboration between Arash, Aneela and Rebecca Zadig created another hit entitled “Bombay Dreams.”

Arash has released a Russian song "Vostochnyie Skazki", a Russian version of "Temptation", in which he sings in Russian. The song became a massive hit on the Russian charts, and Arash recorded several other singles with Russia's popular performers: Anna Semenovich and DJ Aligator

His second album, “Crossfade” released in 2006 in which he collaborated with DJ Aligator and Shahkar Bineshpajoo to make up the anthem of the Iranian Football team for their appearance in the 2006 World Cup.

Arash released in March 2008 his third album “Donya,” featuring a reggaeton / dancehall influenced single "Donya" in collaboration with Shaggy and the single "Kandi" featuring the New York star Lumidee. Other singles include "Suddenly" (featuring Rebecca), "Pure Love" (featuring Helena), and "Dasa Bala" (featuring Timbuktu) as well as music videos.

In early 2009, the Azerbaijani entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 would be the song “Always,” written and composed by Arash, and performed by Aysel Teymurzadeh and Arash in a duet in Semifinal 2 of the Eurovision competition. The song qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest final and placed third, Azerbaijan's best result so far.

As a producer director, Arash has produced alongside Robert Uhlmann, and Johan Bejerholm to create the Swedish entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, "Allt jag vill ha,” to be performed by Josefine Ridell.

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