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Gene Farris (8 / 10) - 195
Gene Farris

Gene Farris

House Techno Electronic Other

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Title Year Tracks
Gene Farris - In The Screen In The Screen 2016 11 download In The Screen mp3
Gene Farris - Cosmos Cosmos 2014 10 download Cosmos mp3
Gene Farris - Tales Of The Underground Tales Of The Underground 2013 4 download Tales Of The Underground mp3
Gene Farris - Then And Now Then And Now 2013 29 download Then And Now mp3
Gene Farris - Here I Am Baby (Mixes) Here I Am Baby (Mixes) 2010 7 download Here I Am Baby (Mixes) mp3
Gene Farris - The Real Beats The Real Beats 2010 3 download The Real Beats mp3
Gene Farris - Take Me Back Part  1 Take Me Back Part 1 2009 5 download Take Me Back Part 1 mp3
Gene Farris - Chicago Chronicals 2000 Chicago Chronicals 2000 2008 5 download Chicago Chronicals 2000 mp3
Gene Farris - The Slickster EP Vinyl The Slickster EP Vinyl 1998 3 download The Slickster EP Vinyl mp3
Gene Farris - Summer Affair (Remixes) Summer Affair (Remixes) 1997 4 download Summer Affair (Remixes) mp3
Gene Farris - Farris Wheel EP Vinyl Farris Wheel EP Vinyl 1995 4 download Farris Wheel EP Vinyl mp3

Gene Farris mp3

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