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Title Year Tracks
Lara Fabian - Ma Vie Dans La Tienne Ma Vie Dans La Tienne 2015 11 download Ma Vie Dans La Tienne mp3
Lara Fabian - Essential Essential 2015 17 download Essential mp3
Lara Fabian - Le Secret Le Secret 2013 17 download Le Secret mp3
Lara Fabian - Mademoiselle Zhivago Mademoiselle Zhivago 2010 13 download Mademoiselle Zhivago mp3
Lara Fabian - Toutes Les Femmes En Moi Toutes Les Femmes En Moi 2009 13 download Toutes Les Femmes En Moi mp3
Lara Fabian - Every Woman In Me Every Woman In Me 2009 11 download Every Woman In Me mp3
Lara Fabian - The best of The best of 2006 17 download The best of mp3
Lara Fabian - Un Regard 9 Un Regard 9 2006 17 download Un Regard 9 mp3
Lara Fabian - Un Regard 9 Live Un Regard 9 Live 2006 16 download Un Regard 9 Live mp3
Lara Fabian - 9 9 2005 11 download 9 mp3
Lara Fabian - Longbox (Cd3) Longbox (Cd3) 2004 15 download Longbox (Cd3) mp3
Lara Fabian - Longbox (Cd2) Longbox (Cd2) 2004 16 download Longbox (Cd2) mp3
Lara Fabian - A Wonderful Life A Wonderful Life 2004 12 download A Wonderful Life mp3
Lara Fabian - Longbox (Cd1) Longbox (Cd1) 2004 16 download Longbox (Cd1) mp3
Lara Fabian - En Toute Intimite (Live) En Toute Intimite (Live) 2003 16 download En Toute Intimite (Live) mp3
Lara Fabian - En Toute Intimite En Toute Intimite 2003 16 download En Toute Intimite mp3
Lara Fabian - Aimer Deja Aimer Deja 2002 3 download Aimer Deja mp3
Lara Fabian - Immortelle Single Immortelle Single 2002 3 download Immortelle Single mp3
Lara Fabian - Tu Es Mon Autre Tu Es Mon Autre 2002 3 download Tu Es Mon Autre mp3
Lara Fabian - Live 2 Cd1 Live 2 Cd1 2002 11 download Live 2 Cd1 mp3
Lara Fabian - Live [+2 New Songs] Live [+2 New Songs] 2002 20 download Live [+2 New Songs] mp3
Lara Fabian - Live 2 Cd2 Live 2 Cd2 2002 9 download Live 2 Cd2 mp3
Lara Fabian - Dream Within (Cds) Dream Within (Cds) 2001 2 download Dream Within (Cds) mp3
Lara Fabian - The Dream Within The Dream Within 2001 2 download The Dream Within mp3
Lara Fabian - Nue Nue 2001 14 download Nue mp3
Lara Fabian - J'y Crois Encore J'y Crois Encore 2001 2 download J'y Crois Encore mp3
Lara Fabian - Love By Grace Love By Grace 2000 4 download Love By Grace mp3
Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian (Japan) Lara Fabian (Japan) 2000 14 download Lara Fabian (Japan) mp3
Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian (2000) Lara Fabian (2000) 1999 13 download Lara Fabian (2000) mp3
Lara Fabian - I Will Love Againe (Remixes) I Will Love Againe (Remixes) 1999 4 download I Will Love Againe (Remixes) mp3
Lara Fabian - La Difference La Difference 1999 2 download La Difference mp3
Lara Fabian - Adagio Adagio 1999 3 download Adagio mp3
Lara Fabian - Pure Pure 1999 12 download Pure mp3
Lara Fabian - Live Cd1 Live Cd1 1999 10 download Live Cd1 mp3
Lara Fabian - Si Tu M'aimes Si Tu M'aimes 1998 2 download Si Tu M'aimes mp3
Lara Fabian - Live Cd2 Live Cd2 1998 9 download Live Cd2 mp3
Lara Fabian - Je T'aime Je T'aime 1997 2 download Je T'aime mp3
Lara Fabian - Tout Tout 1997 2 download Tout mp3
Lara Fabian - Pure Pure 1996 11 download Pure mp3
Lara Fabian - Carpe Diem Carpe Diem 1995 13 download Carpe Diem mp3
Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian Lara Fabian 1991 10 download Lara Fabian mp3

Lara Fabian mp3

International star Lara Fabian was born on January 9, 1970 in Etterbeek, Belgium, and spent her first years in Catania, Sicily before moving to Brussels, Belgium. She started singing, dancing and piano lessons very young and began formal music lessons when she was eight years old. As an artist, both classical and contemporary musicians have had an influence.

Her musical career began by entering European talent competitions, where she won several prizes and led her to the release of her first single, L'Aziza est en pleurs" and her second "Il y avait” in 1986. In 1988, Fabian placed fourth at the 33rd Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Croire" representing Luxembourg. "Croire" sold nearly 500,000 copies that year. Her debut album "Lara Fabian" was released in Canada in August 1991 selling over 100,000 copies. The French-language album was certified Gold in 1993 and Platinum a year later. The singles "Le jour où tu partira", "Les murs", and "Qui pense à l'amour", earned her radio exposure. During 1994 Fabian toured Quebec to promote her her next album "Carpe diem" which became an immediate success.

Fabian won two Félix awards in 1994: Best Show of the Year and Best Female Singer of the Year. Fabian’s voice was featured in Disney’s animated feature film The "Hunchback of Notre Dame" as Esmeralda in the French version. The soundtrack song "Que Dieu aide les exclus" (God Help The Outcasts) was included on the English version as well. Her third album "Pure" hit the stands in 1997 producing the singles "Tout", "Je t'aime", "Humana", which each sold over a million copies, as well as the anti-homophobia anthem "La Différence". Fabian won another Félix award for Popular Album of the Year at the 1997 ADISQ Gala.

In January 1998, Fabian sang a duet with Johnny Hallyday at a benefit concert given for the Restos du Coeur in France and again at the Stade de France in front of 240,000 fans as part of Hallyday's concert tour. Fabian’s own tour was also a success with two sold-out shows at L'Olympia in France. That year Fabian was awarded the Discovery of the Year award at the Victoires de la Musique Gala. Her international popularity took off with the release of "Carpe diem" in Europe and the Grévin Wax Museum created Fabian's wax statue.

The same year Fabian set off on an extensive tour of 24 cities including Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Geneva and Monaco. The awards kept coming as she won the Félix Award for Artist with The Most Recognition outside Quebec at the ADISQ Gala. The year ended with Fabian on the cover of "Paris Match" magazine as she was chosen "Revelation of the Year". Her first live album, "Live" was released the following year hitting number one on the French charts and led to a recording contract with Sony Records. At the 1999 World Music Awards in Monaco her album “Pure” won Best Selling Record for the Year 1998. That year Polydor re-released the album "Lara Fabian" and sold over 6 million copies.

In 1999, the artist recorded her first English-language album, "Lara Fabian", with Sony, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers new album chart. "I Will Love Again", her first English single from this album, reached the top of the US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play. The second single "Love by Grace" became the theme song of the lead couple in the Brazilian soap opera "Laços de Família" making Fabian even more popular. During this time Fabian recorded songs for several soundtracks including "The Dream Within" for the “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” and, "For Always" for the "AI: Artificial Intelligence." She also appeared in the film "De-Lovely", performing "So in Love" with Mario Frangoulis that also appears on the movie’s soundtrack. Her song "Givin' Up On You" is featured on the soundtrack "Songs From Dawson's Creek, Vol. 2".

Her fourth French album, "Nue" was released in 2001 producing the singles:"J'y crois encore", "Immortelle", "Aimer Déjà" and "Tu es mon autre". At that time, Fabian teamed up with David Foster and the Vancouver Symphony to record English, French and bilingual version of Canada’s national anthem, "O Canada". In 2002, Fabian contributed to the World Soccer Championship CD with the track "World at Your Feet". In the same year Fabian’s second live album, "Live 2002", hit the stores. A third live CD accompanied by a DVD, "En toute intimité" was released featuring the acoustic concerts from her performances at the Casino de Paris. A second English album, "A Wonderful Life" was released in 2004 but despite positive critique it failed to become a commercial success and was never released in the US.

After a short time away from the music scene Fabian released her fifth French album, "9", producing the hit singles "Ne lui parlez plus d'elle", "Un Ave Maria", "Il ne manquait que toi" and "L'homme qui n'avait pas de maison". The promotional tour, "Un regard 9", had venues in many countries with more than 60 concerts 15 of which were recorded and released on CD and DVD with the title "Un regard 9 Live". Her first Italian-language project was a duet with Gigi D’Alessio titled "Un Cuore Malato." In 2007 ,Fabian performed at multiple events including a two night concert at the Olympia de Montreal, private acoustic sessions in countries such as Portugal, Turkey and Russia, as a surprise guest at the only concert Gigi D'Alessio gave in France at the famous Olympia in Paris and several concerts in Ukraine, Russia and Greece.

Her sixth French album "Toutes les femmes en moi" was released in 2009. Fabian considers the album to be a "self-portrait" and with it she pays tribute to all the artists by whom she is inspired singing covers of their songs. The single, "Toutes les Femmes en moi", is Fabian's only original recording included. An English equivalent was released titled "Every Woman in Me" again presents her own interpretation of classic songs by recognized female artists. During 2010, Fabian promoted the album with a European tour, "Tout Les Femmes Font Leur Show". Her next album "Mademoiselle Zhivago" featured 11 songs, each tell a story of a woman crossing different lives over the years. This woman’s story is depicted in different music videos that came together as a film. A compilation album "Best of Lara Fabian" was released in 2010.

Lara Fabian’s international stardom is supported by her multilingual hit releases and she will hopefully continue to awe her fans for many years to come.

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