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Michael Buble - Nobody But Me (Deluxe Edition) Nobody But Me (Deluxe Edition) 2016 13 download Nobody But Me (Deluxe Edition) mp3
Michael Buble - To Be Loved (Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition) To Be Loved (Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition) 2013 17 download To Be Loved (Target Exclusive Deluxe Edition) mp3
Michael Buble - It's A Beautiful Day It's A Beautiful Day 2013 5 download It's A Beautiful Day mp3
Michael Buble - To Be Loved To Be Loved 2013 14 download To Be Loved mp3
Michael Buble - Christmas Christmas 2011 19 download Christmas mp3
Michael Buble - Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) 2010 22 download Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) mp3
Michael Buble - Special Delivery Special Delivery 2010 6 download Special Delivery mp3
Michael Buble - Hollywood - The Deluxe Ep Hollywood - The Deluxe Ep 2010 8 download Hollywood - The Deluxe Ep mp3
Michael Buble - Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd1 Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd1 2010 14 download Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd1 mp3
Michael Buble - Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd2 Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd2 2010 8 download Crazy Love (Hollywood Edition) Cd2 mp3
Michael Buble - Crazy Love Crazy Love 2009 14 download Crazy Love mp3
Michael Buble - Crazy Love Crazy Love 2009 13 download Crazy Love mp3
Michael Buble - Meets Madison Square Garden (Live) Meets Madison Square Garden (Live) 2009 10 download Meets Madison Square Garden (Live) mp3
Michael Buble - A Taste Of Buble A Taste Of Buble 2008 4 download A Taste Of Buble mp3
Michael Buble - Sings Totally Blonde Sings Totally Blonde 2008 7 download Sings Totally Blonde mp3
Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd2 Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd2 2007 8 download Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd2 mp3
Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd1 Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd1 2007 13 download Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) cd1 mp3
Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible Call Me Irresponsible 2007 14 download Call Me Irresponsible mp3
Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) 2007 11 download Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) mp3
Michael Buble - Everything Everything 2007 2 download Everything mp3
Michael Buble - Everything CDS Promo Everything CDS Promo 2007 1 download Everything CDS Promo mp3
Michael Buble - Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) Cd2 Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) Cd2 2007 8 download Call Me Irresponsible (Special Edition) Cd2 mp3
Michael Buble - With Love With Love 2006 8 download With Love mp3
Michael Buble - It's Time It's Time 2005 17 download It's Time mp3
Michael Buble - Michael Buble (Christmas Edition) Michael Buble (Christmas Edition) 2004 19 download Michael Buble (Christmas Edition) mp3
Michael Buble - Let It Snow [Ep] Let It Snow [Ep] 2003 5 download Let It Snow [Ep] mp3
Michael Buble - Let It Snow Let It Snow 2003 5 download Let It Snow mp3
Michael Buble - Dream Dream 2002 13 download Dream mp3
Michael Buble - Babalu Babalu 2001 13 download Babalu mp3
Michael Buble - First Dance First Dance 1996 6 download First Dance mp3
Michael Buble - Starbucks Present Starbucks Present 0 20 download Starbucks Present mp3
Michael Buble - Come Fly With Me Come Fly With Me 0 8 download Come Fly With Me mp3

Michael Buble mp3

Michael Steve Bublé was born in September 1975 in British Colombia, Canada. Bublé had two great loves: music and ice hockey. From a very young age, Bublé dreamt of becoming a famous singer. His musical style of choice was jazz, which he picked up from his grandfather who had an extensive jazz record collection and encouraged the young boy’s interest in the music, paying for his singing lessons. His love of ice hockey dominated his teenage years and much as he hoped to become a professional ice hockey player, he realised that he just wasn’t good enough. He still retains an interest in the sport to this day and when appearing in concert, asks for a hockey puck from a local team to be put in his dressing room.

To earn money during the summer holidays, Bublé joined his father, a commercial salmon fisherman, on the boats. He later described the experience as “The most deadly physical work I’ll ever know in my lifetime. Working among guys over twice my age taught me a lot about responsibility and what it means to be a man”.

Bublé continued to sing throughout his teenage years, taking gigs in nightclubs and wherever else he could find. He entered and won a local talent contest when he was 18 but was subsequently disqualified due to his age, but it did put him in touch with Bev Delich, who was to become his manager for the next seven years. In the late 1990s, Bublé worked hard to break into the music business, taking every opportunity to sing in front of people whether in bars, clubs, on cruise ships or talent shows. He used his own money to record three albums during this time, although none were picked up by the record industry. “First Dance” was released in 1996; “Babalu” in 2001 and “Dream” in 2002.

During this time he did manage to get a regular stint on a national Canadian TV show but still the big time eluded him. By the time he was 25 years old, Bublé was considering giving up the music dream and returning to Vancouver. But then a chance meeting with a record producer changed his life.

Buble met record producer David Foster at the wedding reception for Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s daughter, where Bublé was entertaining guests. Foster recognised Buble’s talent but was unsure how to market him. However, he made him a deal. He would produce an album for the singer if Bublé could find half a million dollars to cover production costs. Bublé rose to the challenge and his debut album, “Michael Bublé” was finally released in February 2003 by 143 Records/Reprise Records.

The album was a collection of well-known songs such as “Moondance”, “Fever” and “You’ll Never find Another Love Like Mine”. It did well commercially particularly in Canada, the UK and Australia although it only reached 50 on the US Billboard album charts. Several songs from the album were included in the soundtrack release for the film “Down with Love” that starred Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor.

For his next release, Bublé targeted the Christmas market releasing an EP in November 2003 called “Let It Snow”, followed swiftly by a DVD which included footage of Bublé’s first tour which he had undertaken following the release of his debut album.

Bublé followed the formula of his debut album for his second release, “It’s Time”. The album included renditions of classic songs such as “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Save the Last Dance for Me”. It did considerably better than his first release staying at the top of the Billboard Top Jazz Chart for 78 weeks and remaining on the album chart for a further 26 weeks. The single releases had a mixed response with some making the top twenty whilst others barely made it into the charts.

In May 2007, Bublé released his third album called “Call Me Irresponsible”. The album stormed the US Billboard charts going to the number one spot in its second week of release and selling over five million copies worldwide. The single “Everything” went to number 46 on the US singles charts, which was the highest position Bublé had achieved to date.

His fourth album also went to the top of the US album charts. “Crazy Love” was released in October 2009 and Bublé promoted the album’s release by appearing on Oprah Winfrey’s show to perform the soon to be hit single, “Haven’t Met You Yet”. The album was a step in a new direction for Bublé as he co-wrote two of the tracks, the aforementioned “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Hold On”. It was also recorded live to give it a more edgier feel, rather than an over-produced sound. The album went on to sell six million copies worldwide and won Bublé the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal album.

Bublé returned to Vancouver in February 2010 to take part in the torch relay for the Winter Olympics and also performed at the closing ceremony singing “Maple Leaf Forever”.

Over the years, Bublé has dabbled in acting, appearing as a karaoke singer in the movie “Duets”, a lounge performer in the long running US soap opera “Days of Our Lives” and in several episodes of the TV show, “The X Files”. In more recent years, he has appeared on the US comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live and duetted with one of the finalists on the UK’s X Factor in December 2009.

Bublé’s private life has been the subject of much gossip but in May 2011, he broke many hearts when he married his Argentinean actress girlfriend in three separate wedding ceremonies.

It has been a long hard road to the top for Michael Bublé but he made his dreams come true and can count two Grammy Awards and over 35 million albums sold worldwide. There is no doubt we will see and hear much more of this Canadian singer. Ice hockey lost but music and the world gained a talented singer.

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