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Title Year Tracks
Radiohead - Ok Computer Cd1 Ok Computer Cd1 2017 12 download Ok Computer Cd1 mp3
Radiohead - Ok Computer Cd2 Ok Computer Cd2 2017 11 download Ok Computer Cd2 mp3
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool A Moon Shaped Pool 2016 11 download A Moon Shaped Pool mp3
Radiohead - Oxford Angels : The Rarities Oxford Angels : The Rarities 2013 10 download Oxford Angels : The Rarities mp3
Radiohead - Supercollider/The Butcher Supercollider/The Butcher 2011 2 download Supercollider/The Butcher mp3
Radiohead - Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd1 Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd1 2011 8 download Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd1 mp3
Radiohead - The Daily Mail and Staircase The Daily Mail and Staircase 2011 2 download The Daily Mail and Staircase mp3
Radiohead - Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd2 Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd2 2011 11 download Tkol Rmx1234567 Cd2 mp3
Radiohead - Live from the Basement The King of Limbs Live from the Basement The King of Limbs 2011 11 download Live from the Basement The King of Limbs mp3
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Mullers Looong Mix) Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Mullers Looong Mix) 2010 1 download Everything In Its Right Place (Andi Mullers Looong Mix) mp3
Radiohead - The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd1 The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd1 2009 12 download The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd1 mp3
Radiohead - The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd2 The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd2 2009 21 download The Bends (Deluxe Edition) Cd2 mp3
Radiohead - Live At Reading Live At Reading 2009 13 download Live At Reading mp3
Radiohead - In Rainbows (45 RPM) In Rainbows (45 RPM) 2008 10 download In Rainbows (45 RPM) mp3
Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place Jigsaw Falling Into Place 2008 3 download Jigsaw Falling Into Place mp3
Radiohead - Live Arena Nimes 14-06-2008 Live Arena Nimes 14-06-2008 2008 26 download Live Arena Nimes 14-06-2008 mp3
Radiohead - The Best Of The Best Of 2008 30 download The Best Of mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd4 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd4 2007 10 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd4 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd1 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd1 2007 12 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd1 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd2 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd2 2007 12 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd2 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd3 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd3 2007 12 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd3 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd5 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd5 2007 11 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd5 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd6 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd6 2007 8 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd6 mp3
Radiohead - Radiohead (Boxset) Cd7 Radiohead (Boxset) Cd7 2007 14 download Radiohead (Boxset) Cd7 mp3
Radiohead - In Rainbows In Rainbows 2007 10 download In Rainbows mp3
Radiohead - Com Lag:2+2=5 Com Lag:2+2=5 2004 10 download Com Lag:2+2=5 mp3
Radiohead - Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD1 Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD1 2004 13 download Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD1 mp3
Radiohead - Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD2 Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD2 2004 10 download Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia CD2 mp3
Radiohead - Com Lag (2Plus2Isfive) Com Lag (2Plus2Isfive) 2004 10 download Com Lag (2Plus2Isfive) mp3
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief Hail To The Thief 2003 14 download Hail To The Thief mp3
Radiohead - There There There There 2003 3 download There There mp3
Radiohead - Live In Lisbon 24-07 Live In Lisbon 24-07 2002 14 download Live In Lisbon 24-07 mp3
Radiohead - Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings 2001 8 download Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings mp3
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings 2001 8 download I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings mp3
Radiohead - Live Barcelona Live Barcelona 2000 21 download Live Barcelona mp3
Radiohead - Holland Holland 2000 21 download Holland mp3
Radiohead - Kid A Kid A 2000 10 download Kid A mp3
Radiohead - MTV - Live at the 10 Spot MTV - Live at the 10 Spot 1998 12 download MTV - Live at the 10 Spot mp3
Radiohead - No Surprises - Running From Demo No Surprises - Running From Demo 1997 6 download No Surprises - Running From Demo mp3
Radiohead - O.k. Computer O.k. Computer 1997 12 download O.k. Computer mp3
Radiohead - Paranoid Android Pt.2 Paranoid Android Pt.2 1997 3 download Paranoid Android Pt.2 mp3
Radiohead - Paranoid Android Pt.1 Paranoid Android Pt.1 1997 3 download Paranoid Android Pt.1 mp3
Radiohead - Ok Computer Ok Computer 1997 12 download Ok Computer mp3
Radiohead - Unplugged Unplugged 1996 21 download Unplugged mp3
Radiohead - The Bends The Bends 1995 12 download The Bends mp3
Radiohead - Amnesty Amnesty 1995 10 download Amnesty mp3
Radiohead - 1995-06-01 Live at Tramps, NYC 1995-06-01 Live at Tramps, NYC 1995 18 download 1995-06-01 Live at Tramps, NYC mp3
Radiohead - My Iron Lung My Iron Lung 1994 8 download My Iron Lung mp3
Radiohead - Creep 4 track E.P. Creep 4 track E.P. 1993 4 download Creep 4 track E.P. mp3
Radiohead - Itch Itch 0 8 download Itch mp3
Radiohead - Live In Lisboa 23-07-02 Live In Lisboa 23-07-02 0 7 download Live In Lisboa 23-07-02 mp3
Radiohead - Lisboa 22-7-02 Lisboa 22-7-02 0 11 download Lisboa 22-7-02 mp3
Radiohead - Mtv Unplugged Mtv Unplugged 0 14 download Mtv Unplugged mp3
Radiohead - Frejus Frejus 0 23 download Frejus mp3
Radiohead - Bootlegs Bootlegs 0 4 download Bootlegs mp3

Radiohead mp3

Many teenagers form bands whilst at school, playing local gigs for friends and family but few of them last longer than the end of the high school. Even fewer go on to attract the attention of the music industry and only a small percentage makes it to the top and establish a career. Radiohead are one of the few bands that went from school music-room to selling millions of records in a career spanning over 25 years.

The group was formed in 1985 by school friends Thom Yorke, Ed O’Brien, Phil Selway and brothers, Colin and Jonny Greenwood. They all attended Abingdon School, a British public school for boys based near Oxford. The group originally called “On a Friday”, a reference to the day they rehearsed in the school’s music room. After playing a few gigs locally, the boys left to go to university. Unusually, the band continued with rehearsals taking place at weekends and holidays when the boys could all meet up.

In 1991, the boys began to step things up a notch by recording demos and performing concerts in the Thames Valley area. Along the way, “On a Friday” picked up a couple of managers: Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge. Both worked within the music industry and were impressed with the sound the band made, so much so, that they have remained the group’s managers to this day. When Colin Greenwood bumped into Keith Wozencroft, an EMI A&R manager at a local record shop, he persuaded him to listen to a demo of the band. The group were offered a six-album recording deal in 1991 and, at the urging of the EMI changed their name, taking inspiration from a Talking Heads song, Radiohead was born.

The band’s debut album, “Pablo Honey” was released in February 1993 but it did not set the music charts alight, peaking at number 22 in the UK. The first single from the album, “Creep”, had been released the previous year and had mixed reviews with the music press stalwart, NME, calling Radiohead a “lily-livered excused for a rock band”. The single itself did badly, partly because it was banned from the influential BBC Radio 1 play list for being “depressing.” However, when the song was re-released later in 1993, it fared much better, reaching number two on the US Billboard Modern Rock chart and number seven on the UK charts.

Radiohead released two further singles from the album – “Anyone Can Play Guitar” and “Stop Whispering” – but they fared no better than “Creep” and failed to make an impression on the charts. The band went on the road to publicise the album but due to lack of interest, found themselves playing to university audiences and in small clubs over larger venues. The future was not looking good and then Radiohead found success abroad.

“Creep” had taken the Israeli music scene by storm and had become a huge hit in the country. The band was invited to play in Tel Aviv, their first international concert. Almost simultaneously, a radio station in San Francisco, picked up on the song and soon it was played up and down the West Coast and on an almost continuous loop on MTV. Commercial success followed and the band flew to the US to begin a tour of the country.

The band’s success led them to tour, almost continually throughout 1993, playing over 150 concerts that year. The pressure of constant touring and sudden success almost broke up the band, particularly as they were keen to get back into the studio to record new material, rather than repeatedly play songs they had written and recorded over two years beforehand.

Rather than rush to release a second album, the band instead released an EP. “My Iron Lung” in late 1994 and promoted it via alternative radio stations. They followed in the spring of 1995 with “The Bends,” songs f performed live the previous year whilst touring the Far East and Australia. With this album, the band began to find their musical feet, emphasizing the use of keyboards and guitar riffs. The change in direction worked as singles from the album, including “High and Dry” and “Just” became hits on the UK chart. However, the success was not global as the album only reached number 88 on the US Billboard album charts.

“OK Computer”, their third album, came out in June 1997 and was praised by the music critics for its experimental song structures and observational lyrics. The album topped the UK charts, made it into the top 25 on the US charts and saw the band nominated for and win a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album. Radiohead went straight out onto the road to publicise “OK Computer” via their “Against Demons” world tour, which lasted through until mid-1998.

Fans had to wait until October 2000 for new material from the band. Their fourth album, “Kid A” was less guitar focussed, relying more on instruments such as strings, horns and programmed electronic beats. It became their best-selling album to date, reaching number one on the influential US Billboard charts, although, unusually the band did not release any singles from the album. Despite its success, it divided fans between those who loved the new style and those who hated what the group had produced. The music industry, however, awarded the group with their second Grammy for Best Alternative Album in early 2001.

Nine months later, the band released “Amnesiac” which included tracks from the recording sessions for their previous album. Like its predecessor, the album topped the charts in the UK, was a commercial success in the US and saw the group nominated for another Grammy award.

Radiohead have since admitted that the atmosphere whilst recording these two albums was tense and full of disagreement. By comparison, the recording of their next album, “Hail to the Thief” was a more relaxed experience. The album came out in June 2003 and was a more guitar-based rock affair than their previous records. It was yet again a commercial success for the group and generated a number of singles, including “There There” and “Go to Sleep”.

Although Radiohead began writing their next album in February 2005, it was not available until October 2007, when the band released it as a digital download on their website. Fans were encouraged to pay what they thought was appropriate for downloading “In Rainbows”. The final figure of those who downloaded the album was never released although the number 1.2 million downloads has been reported in the music press. The album was available to purchase physically at the end of the year and rose to number one on both the US and the UK charts. The reviews for the album were among the best the group had seen and went on to win them another Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album, their third in a decade. To top off their success, the album produced the group’s first single to make the top 40 on the Billboard charts since “Creep” in 1993.

Radiohead went back into the studio in early 2009 and in August, released two singles from those recordings. One of them, “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)” was a tribute to the longest surviving British solder to have fought in World War 1. Proceeds from the song were donated to the UK charity, the British Legion. Their second song, “These Are My Twisted Words” was given away free to fans as a download on their website.

The band released their latest album in February 2011. With the market expecting the release of “The King of Limbs” on a Saturday, the band suddenly announced it was available for purchase and download via their website a day early. Using the power of the Internet, the album was “marketed” by word of mouth on social networking sites reaching millions of people within a short period of time. As well as also releasing a CD of the album, the band also produced a vinyl version.

Unlike many bands, the line-up of Radiohead has not changed over the years. The same five school-friends from 25 years ago are still making music together. It is just that now, the audiences they play to are a lot larger and a lot more appreciative of their sound.

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