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Timbaland - King Stays King King Stays King 2015 17 download King Stays King mp3
Timbaland - Thursdays Thursdays 2011 14 download Thursdays mp3
Timbaland - Give It to Me (CDS) Give It to Me (CDS) 2007 1 download Give It to Me (CDS) mp3
Timbaland - Timbaland Presents Shock Value Timbaland Presents Shock Value 2007 17 download Timbaland Presents Shock Value mp3
Timbaland - The Way I Are (Single) The Way I Are (Single) 2007 3 download The Way I Are (Single) mp3
Timbaland - Tim's Bio Tim's Bio 2007 19 download Tim's Bio mp3
Timbaland - Present Shock Value (Deluxe Edition) Present Shock Value (Deluxe Edition) 2007 23 download Present Shock Value (Deluxe Edition) mp3
Timbaland - Give It To Me Give It To Me 2007 4 download Give It To Me mp3
Timbaland - My Bio My Bio 1998 19 download My Bio mp3

Timbaland mp3

Two-times Grammy Award winner Timbaland is a rapper, songwriter and record producer who has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music business including Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey. His production style featuring unusual musical associations and sounds has seen him become one of the most successful, respected and sought-after music producers in the business.

Timbaland was born Timothy Zachery Mosely in March 1971 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he still maintains a home to this day. His musical career began when he was still at high school where he formed as a rap duo with Melvin Barcliff and began DJ’ing in the evenings. His music ventures where cut short and nearly destroyed when in 1986 he was paralysed for nine months following gunshot injuries sustained during a robbery.

One of Mosley’s high school friends was singer and rapper Missy Elliott. When Elliott and her group, Sista, were signed to DeVante Swings’ Swing Mob record label, she insisted that Mosley come with her to New York to produce her albums. They quickly became part of the “Da Bassment” crew and it was DeVante who persuaded Mosley to change his name to Timbaland.

Timbaland initially concentrated on producing records for R&B acts such as Jodeci and Sista, but in doing so, he brought his own unique hip-hop style to the recordings. In 1996, he produced the late Aaliyah’s album “One in a Million” which quickly sold over two million copies in the US alone. He returned to working with Missy Elliott, producing her debut album, “Supa Dupa Fly”. Critics praised Timbaland’s production on the album, calling it unique and revolutionary. The album was nominated for two Grammy Awards including Best Rap Album.

Building on his producing success, Timbaland released his first album in 1997 in conjunction with Magoo. “Welcome to Our World” is a straight out hip-hop album featuring performances by many of the artists he had already worked with including Elliott and Aaliyah. He recorded two further albums with Magoo: “Indecent Proposal” in 2001, which didn’t do well commercially, and “Under Construction Part II”, two years later. The former featured vocals by Jay-Z whom Timbaland had worked with in 1999 on the hit “Big Pimpin” with rap group UGK.

As Timbaland’s reputation grow, he became more and more in demand as a producer for hip-hop and R&B acts including Beck and Lucacris. He also made guest appearances on other artist’s albums and singles, most notably Aaliyah’s “More than a Woman” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2002 for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

After Aaliyah’s untimely death in a Caribbean plane crash, Timbaland returned to produce Missy Elliott’s next two album releases, “Under Construction” and “This is Not A Test!”. He also worked on “Cry Me a River” with a young Justin Timberlake who was making his solo way up in the music world.

Timbaland not only produced records for American artists but also for international recording musicians such as American-Japanese singer Hikaru Utada, producing his first English-speaking album “Exodus”.

In 2005, Timbaland launched his own record label called “Mosely Music Group” which included artists such as Nelly Furtado and rapper D.O.E. He returned to working with Timberlake in 2006, producing his second solo album and featuring on tracks such as “SexyBack” and “What Goes Around”.

The range of artists Timbaland has worked for is impressive. Not only Missy Elliot, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake but also artists not normally associated with the hip-hop and R&B world such as Bjork, Pussycat Doll’s and eighties stalwarts, Duran Duran, for whom he produced tracks on their “Red Carpet Massacre” album.

Timberland released his long awaited second album, “Shock Value” in 2007. The album featured collaborations with 50 Cents, Elton John and Dr. Dre and was followed by two sequels: “Shock Value II” in 2009 and “Shock Value III” two years later. “Shock Value II” featured a large range of guest appearances from the hip-hop, pop and rock worlds including Timberlake, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback fame, pop-princess, Katy Perry and teen pop-minstrel, Miley Cyrus. Although the album didn’t break record sales, it did give Timbaland three top forty singles to add to his portfolio. The most successful was the third single, “Carry Out” which featured Justin Timberlake on vocals and reached number 11 on the US Billboard singles chart

In 2010, Timbaland ventured into the TV world, guest appearing on an episode of FlashForward as an evidence agent. This followed his hosting duties at the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw event in December 2009. He also allowed two of his songs – “Morning After Dark” and “Symphony” – to appear on the “Def Jam: Underground” video game.

Not all of his production efforts were appreciated. He worked on Chris Cornell’s 2009 album “Scream” in which the singer moved away from his rock roots and towards the electronic hip-hop sound, which Timbaland is famous for failed to find favour with the critics or fans. The album failed to sell.

In late 2010 Timbaland announced his free Thursdays initiative – Timbo Thursday - which launched in January 2011. Following in the footsteps of Kanye West and Swizz Beatz, Timbaland announced he would be releasing a free download every Thursday as a thank you to his fans. The first download released was “Take Ur Clothes Off” featuring his old friend Missy Elliot. Further Thursday releases featured rapper Attitude and Brandy Norwood on “808” as well as indie artist J’Royal Price from Memphis, Tennessee.

Timbaland is one of the most well-known and well-respected record producers in the music industry. He works not only with artists within the R&B and hip-hop world, but also brings his influence on singers in other genres such as pop and rock. A successful recording artist in his own right, Timbaland has built himself a recording studio in his hometown of Virginia Beach along with long time collaborator and music engineer, Jimmy Douglass. He shows no sign of slowing down and already has more work in the pipeline for 2011 and beyond.

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